We recruit and connect volunteers to help us provide support for social isolation, loneliness and making long term-friendships for both parties involved. Support may be requested by the individual or referred by another individual.

What kind of tasks do our volunteers do?

Volunteers help with many tasks and are also supported by some of the specialist voluntary services across Essex to offer the following support and befriending services:

  • Buddy support for tasks such as IT issues and lifestyle support
  • Facebook Friend
  • Phone Friend
  • 'Front of House' welcome support

Levels of volunteers

Tasks are also dependent on two factors. Firstly,  what level you’re on and secondly what group you’re in. There are now three levels of volunteers: uncertified, certified and DBS checked

  • Uncertified means we have your basic details.
  • Certified means we have your basic details alongside proof of ID.
  • DBS checked means we have your basic details, proof of ID and have completed a DBS check within the platform.

What do the levels mean?

The higher the level you are, the greater number of job opportunities will be available to you.

How do I become certified and DBS checked?

You are already a certified volunteer if you've got a photo and proof of ID uploaded.

If you haven't, you can become a certified volunteer by logging in to the platform and providing your proof of ID by following the instructions here.

To become a DBS volunteer, you firstly need to become a certified volunteer by following the steps above and then submitting a request to be DBS checked. You can do so by logging in to the platform and following the instructions here.

There are four groups that have a varying level of exposure to COVID-19, with Group One being the most exposed and Group Four being the least exposed. 

As well as exposure levels, there are differences in the kinds of roles you will be carrying out. Full details of each group can be found below.

Why volunteer with us?

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place.  It can benefit you and your family as much as the people you support. This is a particularly good opportunity if you're suffering from social isolation.

Dedicating any amount of time, however small, as a volunteer with the Essex Wellbeing Service can help you make new friends, expand your network and boost your social skills.

We value our volunteers and will have a dedicated person you can contact for any questions you have and any support you require. Last but not least we will provide you with training opportunities such as:

  • Safeguarding
  • How to start a conversation
  • How to set boundaries

And anything else required for you to carry out your role successfully.

Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Please complete our volunteer registration form by following the button below. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car. Volunteers without access to transport will be offered a telephone support role.

Register to be a volunteer

EWS Volunteer Handbook

Download our Volunteer Handbook for guidance and information on what's involved in becoming a volunteer for the Essex Wellbeing Service.