Your wellbeing, your way.

Delivered by an alliance of specialist organisations, Essex residents (excluding Southend-On-Sea and Thurrock) who are registered with a GP and are aged 16+, can receive health and wellbeing support.

Whether it's help to quit smoking, social isolation support, weight management, or help with day-to-day needs; EWS is here to help employers, families and communities to stay healthy, safe and well.


Health checks; stop smoking services; weight management courses; and emotional health and wellbeing support.

 Working Well

Workplace health and wellbeing support via Working Well programmes, training and support.


Recruiting and connecting volunteers with Essex residents in need of support with everyday tasks.

  In Your Area

Explore the groups, organisations and clubs available in your community that can help you to live healthier and happier.

Why reach out to the Essex Wellbeing Service?

If you're an Essex resident, excluding Southend-On-Sea and Thurrock, you can turn to us for help with quitting smoking; managing your weight and/or your child’s; becoming a volunteer; gaining support with social isolation, and making long-term friendships.

We'll also cover some of the areas that contribute towards these lifestyle changes, such as alcohol consumption, physical activity, healthy eating, and mental health.

Through the delivery of NHS Health Checks, we also help to identify early signs of poor health and identify lifestyle changes required.

Employees and organisations can turn to our Working Well programme for free workplace health and wellbeing support.

This workplace support, commissioned by Essex County Council, consists of our main offer the Working Well Accreditation, alongside three other options: Mental Health Aware Programme; Small Business HR Support; and Mental Health First Aid England Training.

Working Well Programmes for employers across Essex

Part of the Essex Wellbeing Service, Working Well provides Essex businesses (excluding Southend-On-Sea and Thurrock) with free workplace health and wellbeing support. This support, commissioned by Essex County Council, consists of four options.

These options include Mental Health Aware Programme; Small Business HR Support Programme; Working Well Accreditation Programme; and MHFA England training for individuals.

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  Better understanding of your health needs
  Access to free support and advice
  Access to trained Lifestyle Coaches
  Simple online booking options based on your needs
  Access to a personalised health plan
  Avoid GP wait times for appointments
  Assessment is accessible 24/7
  Easy to use and navigate
When we get asked ‘when’s the best time to stop smoking’, we’ll always say now. Why? Because then you have more time to improve or even reverse the negative effects of smoking.