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Begin your journey

Why should I take the online health and wellbeing assessment?

If you want to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing then we can help. By improving your diet, increasing your exercise and addressing low self esteem, you could significantly reduce any risk of cardiovascular disease and mental health illness.

Completing our online health and wellbeing assessment can help you understand more about your physical and mental health needs and factors that stops you from dealing with them, so you can prioritise them and find the right support for you. It also allows us to get a more detailed overview of who you are, what you need help with, and the best way we can support this if that is what you choose. 

This assessment is built around you and your needs, and will help us understand and better prioritise your needs. Once completed, you could gain the access to:

  • A better picture of your overall requirements
  • The tools to help you sustain your health improvements
  • Additional support from specialist organisations in Essex

What happens after that?

During the assessment you will be asked to create an account with dedicated username and login. This will allow you to easily access your assessment details and any plans or services that you have chosen you would like to move forward with.

Take the assessment online or if you prefer call one of our team on 0300 303 9988 who can help you complete the assessment over the phone.