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We believe in helping people to #LoseWeightHappily. This consists of positive, motivational and educational solutions to help you lose weight for good. 

We completely empathise that losing weight can be difficult, emotional and testing. But that’s why we’re here to help you.

We are offering FREE weight loss courses delivered in a wide variety of formats. You’ll have full control of which solution to pick. 

It’s your weight loss, your way. 

Three easy steps to losing weight

  • Complete our online assessment where you'll provide your details - including your height and weight.
  • We then calculate your BMI and suggest a variety of courses suited to your body type.
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Lose weight, your way

Take control of your own weight loss journey and choose the course delivery best-suited to you

  Online Self-Service Online courses completed at your own pace.
  Video workshop Learn by watching videos online
  Face-to-face Support led away from the screen and in person
  1-to-1 Phone Calls Support delivered over the phone
  Print Course Print out all the support and knowledge you need
  1-to-1 Video Calls Support delivered via video calls

Free Weight Loss Courses, for Essex people

Now's the time to let go of short-term diets in favour of long-lasting lifestyle changes



My Weight Matters

My Weight Matters is not designed to be a diet or a quick-fix solution. This programme promotes weight loss in a safe, steady, and sustained way.

Following NHS guidance, My Weight Matters places a focus on healthy eating, portion management, and keeping active. These evidence-based sessions cover dietary and physical advice whilst supporting you to adopt overall healthier habits.

This course is currently being delivered 1-2-1 by telephone, video or face to face with a weight management practitioner.

There is also a self-managed version where you can digitally access healthy recipes, exercise videos, motivational content, sleeping advice – and everything else you need to lose weight for good, without the presence of a weight management practitioner.

Suitable for everyone aged 18 and over

Child Lifestyle Service

All school-aged children throughout Essex have the opportunity to sign up to Our Child Health Improvement Sessions (C.H.I.M.P.S). These sessions empower children and their families to improve their BMI and overall health and wellbeing.

This programme is conducted over five weeks and will be completed by both the child and the parent, depending on the age of your child. Each week, there will be a different session covering a new behaviour change/topic. Some of these topics include food label reading, me-sized meals, and physical activity.

This course is available via video or telephone, and video downloads or face to face at a venue.

Suitable for children aged between 4 and 17

The Sound Doctor

Using an innovative approach to healthcare, The Sound Doctor uses award-winning high-quality films, animations and tips from doctors, consultants, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

All of these elements generate an educational course to help you manage your weight. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and in your own time.

Sound Doctor is a video based course.

Suitable for everyone aged 18 and over

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  My Weight Matters Child Lifestyle Service Sound Doctor
4 - 17    
Delivery method
Video Face2Face    
Video Based  
Learning Type
Self Directed  
Course Length
5 Weeks    
12 Weeks    
6 month access (no time limits)    
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The best time to put your health and happiness first is always today. We have limited spaces available on these courses too, so don’t waste any time.
We want to help as many people as possible to feel confident with their weight and motivated to sustain it.

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