Fitting in exercise can seem difficult when you’ve got kids to look after - which is all the more reason to involve them! 

Working out as a family is a great bonding experience that also allows you to teach your children the importance of physical activity. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered…

Fancy burning some calories whilst having a dance? This one is absolutely for you!


If you’d prefer a quick HIIT workout then try out this High-Intensity Interval Training and Tabata for Families workout.


To get your whole body engaged, grab the family for this 15-minute exercise class.


If you’ve got a baby then we highly doubt they’ll be opting for a HIIT class quite so soon. In this case, we’d recommend yoga with your baby! Check out an example below.


And if you’d rather get outdoors, going for a family jog or sprint session is always a great choice. 

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