If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep, examine your sleeping environment to check it’s fit for purpose. There are four major elements that could be stopping you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. 


If your room is too hot, you’ll have some trouble sleeping. And if it’s too cold you’re also likely to stay awake. According to The Sleep Charity, an ideal bedroom temperature is around 16-18°C. 

With that in mind, set a programme up on your thermostat so the temperature is perfectly set for your usual sleep schedule. It’s also worth investing in a fan for those hotter summer months.


As the saying goes, a tidy room = a tidy mind. Surrounding yourself with mess and clutter is a reminder of tasks to do or things to sort. Make it part of your daily routine to tidy your bedroom before heading up to sleep. Your bedroom should be the most calming room in your property.


Lamps, phones, thin curtains or blinds are a big no-no if you’re aiming for some shut-eye. The darker the room, the easier it’ll be to fall asleep. If it’s difficult to block out the light in your bedroom, wear a sleep mask to bed.


What bedding are you most comfortable in? Are your pillows and mattress adequately supporting your body? Test out a variety of bedding materials, pillows and mattress and ensure you have the right option for your body and preferred sleeping position. 

If you’re still struggling to get to sleep, keep a sleep diary and take note of all the things that are disturbing you. This will allow you to either report them to your GP or take action for yourself. 

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