We’re sure you’ve heard about the increase in energy bills. Analysts have predicted that energy bills could rise by hundreds of pounds next year. In fact, the energy price cap - which serves to protect domestic consumers - could increase by as much as £400. And sadly, it doesn’t stop there. 

Cornwall Insight has forecasted that the energy price cap will rise to around £1,660 by summer 2022. That’s roughly 30% higher than the record £1,277 winter 2021-22 cap.

We understand that this can all be a bit worrying. So, what’s the good news? 

Services for consumers struggling to pay their bills

Via the funding from the Warm Homes Fund and The Energy Redress Scheme, Citizens Advice network in Essex now has a team of 12 Energy Advisers and support staff, working throughout the Citizens Advice network in the county (including Thurrock and Southend). 

This team is continuing to work hard to support thousands of fuel-poor households. Some of the outcomes they have achieved for beneficiaries include:

  • Increased incomes
  • Better managed fuel debt
  • Access to grants to fund installations to improve energy efficiency
  • Resolution of billing disputes
  • Applications to energy trust funds to reduce existing debt
  • Better access to the competitive energy market to reduce energy bills
  • Behavioural change support – to make better use of heating controls
  • Access to emergency fuel vouchers for households at risk of ‘self-disconnection’ from their fuel supply

To access these services, click this link or call 0300 3033 789.

If your concern is about your energy company who has gone bust, we would advise reading OFGEM guidance and the information from the National Citizens Advice website.

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