To give up an addiction like smoking takes dedication and education! Reading can be a great way to provide both motivation and actionable advice that’ll help you to give up for good. We’ve gathered a selection of books* from the shelf to get you started… 

1. How to Quit Smoking: A 4-Week Step-by-Step Guide to Quitting Smoking Naturally and Get Healthier in the Process 

- 4.5 stars on Amazon 

A book that aims to teach smokers how to quit the ‘natural way’, this book details how to create good habits and a mindset that can effectively lure smokers away from their addiction.

2. Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Read this book and you'll never smoke a cigarette again

- 4.5 stars on Amazon 

As the world's bestselling book on how to stop smoking and with over nine million copies sold worldwide, it’s clear that this book is a worthwhile read. 

Allen Carr’s unique method comprises of: no scare tactics, no weight gain, the disappearance of the psychological need to smoke as you read, and a feel-good association with being a non-smoker. 

3. Stop Smoking with CBT: The most powerful way to beat your addiction

- 4.5 stars on Amazon 

The author of this book, Dr Max Pemberton, was ironically ‘in love with smoking despite being a doctor who specialised in addition. But after finding CBT, which is recognised as one of the most effective treatments for overcoming addiction, he was able to quit. And now, he wants to pass this knowledge onto his readers. 

His methods aim to stop nicotine cravings; transform how you think about smoking, and train your brain to live without smoking - without impacting your weight or stress levels.

4. How to Quit Your Smoking Habit: Without the Stress or Weight Gain

- 3.5 stars on Amazon

This book uses ‘habit development principles’ with the objective to fight against a smoker’s needs and desires to smoke. 

This book intends to provide you with the knowledge that’ll allow you to save money, take control of your health; quit smoking without the fear of gaining weight; stop feeling like a slave to addiction; increase physical fitness; improve the appearance of your teeth and the smell of your clothes/breath. 

5. Quit Smoking: The Little Self Help Book That Will Help You Quit The Habit

- 3.5 stars on Amazon

An Amazon bestseller that brings a variety of traditional and modern approaches where you can find out the “easiest and cutting edge techniques to quit smoking.” 

Advice in this book is applicable to the topics of cannabis, self-harm and anxiety, vaping, dopamine problems, and the usual triggers that follow when you are in the process of quitting.

A preview of what you'll learn: 

  • Learn about what experts say about the harmful effects of smoking
  • Understand how to exercise preventive care while quitting
  • Discover the success rates when it comes to individuals who have quit
  • Find out about how to quit smoking and what the actual process entails

6. How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good: fully revised and updated

- 4.0 stars on Amazon 

A book that is self-proclaimed to “not only help you to stop but to stay stopped for good”.

Gillian Riley's techniques aim to provide smokers with an understanding of their nicotine addiction that allows them to take control and break their smoking habit. The book offers a step-by-step programme with the purpose to help you choose not to smoke even in stressful situations or when boredom arises. 

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*We do not personally endorse any of these books, these are suggestions based on consumer recommendations for stop smoking books.

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