How are you feeling, honestly? This year has been a challenge for many,  but organisations across Essex are determined not to turn a blind eye to how the covid-19 pandemic has or could impact individuals. 

The #StateOfLife survey, produced by the University of Essex and Active Essex, are measuring what matters the most to Greater Essex residents. 

The survey will help to create a local picture in terms of wellbeing, work, money and life in general. The results can then be taken to generate an overall understanding of 
what mental and physical support needs to be put into place. 

This information could even help direct money, materials, and people to where they’re really needed in the coming months.

We’re advising all Essex residents to fill in this quick survey to ensure the Essex community can be heard. 

Take the State of Life survey

We also encourage each and every person to really take care of themselves this winter. Here are some tips from AgeUK on staying healthier during the wintertime.

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