At the Essex Wellbeing Service, it’s not uncommon for somebody to visit us to improve one area of their health and find out it would be beneficial to take a look at several other areas. We’re always looking to get the best results for people as a whole, not just one aspect of their lifestyle.

This was the case when 69-year-old Steve reached out to us for support with his weight. 

Identifying areas of concern

Our delivery partner, Community 360 Braintree, provided the expert support and advice Steve needed to lose weight. This included completing a food diary. Upon completion, It was highlighted that Steve was consuming too much alcohol and he was socially isolated. With this information, we were able to provide support for Steve in all these areas of his lifestyle.

The benefits of reaching out for support 

After receiving this support, Steve has had more "alcohol-free" days; has learnt to “communicate and mix socially more”; and feels “more optimistic having absorbed a number of concepts and ideas”.

We’re also pleased to say that Steve would “highly recommend EWS for being constructive, practical and non-judgemental.”

If you can resonate with Steve’s story or you know someone who is facing similar challenges, please do fill out our assessment form, at the bottom of this page, for more support.

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