Eatwell Guide

Information on how to eat a healthy balanced diet; which food groups you should be eating from; portion sizes; the blood sugar cycle; and food diaries.

Food Labelling

A guide to reading food labels, looking out for sugar and fat; marketing and cost; and getting food label practice.

Introduction & Healthy Breakfasts

Information on the importance of regular growth checks; the behaviour  change cycle; a parent’s role as a role model; how to set SMART lifestyle goals; and what is considered a healthy breakfast.

Physical Activity

Information detailing the physical activity guidelines for children; the importance of physical activity; the barriers to leading a more active lifestyle; sedentary behaviour and screen time; energy balance; and the importance of sleep.

Programme Diary

A diary to help you keep track of the challenges you set yourself from breakfast, sugar/fat swaps to label reading.

Sugar & Fat Swaps

Information on the impact of sugar on our health; recommendations of sugar consumption; how to cut back on sugar; sugar swaps; the effects saturated fats have on our children; recommendations of saturated fat consumption; how to cut back on saturated fats; and fat swaps.

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We all know eating healthy is important for both our minds and our bodies. But healthy food is often associated with high cost - but it doesn’t need to be that way! Here are our top tips to help you