Stop smoking in Essex for FREE

Quitting smoking is all about finding what works for you and Allen Carr’s Easyway works for many - including celebrities like Michael McIntyre, Ashton Kutcher and Richard Branson. And lucky for you, EWS is offering his famous online seminar completely free of charge...

Allen Carr’s Easyway has been helping people in the UK & around the world to stop smoking easily and painlessly for over 35 years. The seminars normally cost £350 but smokers who live or work in Essex can attend for free.

Allen Carr’s Easyway will be delivered via an online seminar. It’s like a training day and will last for around 5-6 hours amongst a group of up to 15 smokers. This method is 100% drug-free.

You’ll be watching the presentation and speaking to the presenter and the other attendees via your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, on Zoom. If you need help with joining Zoom, you can try it out in advance with one of the friendly Allen Carr’s Easyway customer service team who will guide you through.

The seminar works for smokers, vapers, and those who both smoke and vape.  So, unless you’ve already stopped smoking/vaping – do carry on as usual, without trying to cut down or control your smoking, right up until the end of the seminar. There will be frequent breaks for smoking throughout the seminar so don’t forget to have your cigarettes and vape on you.

The seminar presenter is an experienced Allen Carr’s Easyway therapist who has successfully used the method to quit smoking themself.

There aren’t any health lectures or photos of smokers' lungs or anything like that. Instead, you’ll be helped to identify and understand the reasons why you smoke in spite of all the obvious disadvantages.

The seminar will answer any questions you might have about smoking and quitting smoking, such as:

  • Is it a habit or an addiction?
  • How much of the problem is physical and how much of it is mental?
  • How to avoid weight gain when you quit?
  • Why you won’t have to stop drinking when you quit
  • How will you handle stress when you quit?
  • Will you still be able to concentrate as a non-smoker?
  • What about if your partner or friends continue to smoke?
  • Is your problem “stopping” or “staying stopped”
  • How to avoid feeling anxious or depressed when you quit?
  • What to do with your hands when you quit?
  • What if you smoke to be rebellious?
  • Why will it be easy this time – unlike previous times?
  • What are the things you feel you’re going to miss about smoking?
  • How to make it feel like freedom rather than like losing a friend

The seminar climaxes with a ritual final cigarette followed by a 20-minute hypnotherapy session. This is just a light relaxation exercise that reinforces the main points of the session and is always a pleasant and calm experience. There isn’t any ‘going under’ or loss of control – it’s just a nice relaxing end to the seminar.

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For more information about the Allen Carr’s Easyway seminar or other ways of stopping smoking with our support, please contact us on 0300 303 9988 or email to talk to one of our friendly team members.