Congratulations for reaching the final week of the course! To keep you on the right track with your weight management your module - KEEPING GOING - covers top tips for successful weight loss. 

Recipes of the week



Meat / Fish Main Meal

Meat/Fish Main Meal


Vegetarian Main Meal



Warm-up and cool down after every workout you complete. Check you’re fit to do these exercises with your GP if you have any injuries, medical conditions, or concerns that may prevent you from exercising.


Intermediate Hiit Workout

This workout is short and sweet - but not for the fainthearted. Your heart will certainly be pumping. No equipment is necessary.


Six-minute ab burn

Do this anytime anywhere to set your abs on fire and work up a quick sweat. No equipment is necessary.


Legs, bums and tums

This workout is designed to get your lower body working whilst driving towards a toned core. Dumbbells are included. If you don't have dumbbells, use two heavy water bottles or other weighted objects that are easy to grip onto.

Sleep & Meditation

Morning Body Scan

A positive day meditation

In this session, you'll be using your breath to get your day off to a fulfilling and positive start.

Dawn chorus

Relax to the wonderful sounds of a dawn chorus.