You can have all the knowledge about nutrition and physical activity to lose weight, but without the right mindset, none of it can be implemented. That’s why week five is all about GAINING CONTROL. 

You’ll learn more about hunger; managing apses; identifying triggers; food persuaders; keeping positive, and challenging unhelpful thinking.

Recipes of the week




Meat/Fish Main Meal


Vegetarian Main Meal



​​Warm-up and cool down after every workout you complete. Check you’re fit to do these exercises with your GP if you have any injuries, medical conditions, or concerns that may prevent you from exercising.


Hiit For Beginners with Dumbbells

A beginner's workout focusing on getting the whole body moving and the heart pumping. This workout will incorporate dumbells. If you don't have dumbbells, use two heavy water bottles or other weighted objects that are easy to grip onto.


Cardio & Core Workout

Get your heart pumping and your abs burning with this 20-minute workout. No equipment is necessary.


Fat Burner

This workout is short but super high intensity. It’s designed to get you sweating and panting so you can raise your heart rate and burn more calories! No equipment is necessary.

Sleep & Meditation


Reset Breathwork

A breathwork session designed to help you switch off, relax and move from a long day into a peaceful, calm state.

Morning Body Scan

A calming rainy day

Listen to the soothing sounds of rain as you fall asleep.