Research has shown that insufficient sleep and poor-quality sleep are risk factors for becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes.

This is why week seven is all about SLEEP. In this module you’ll learn about sleep quality, meal timings, alcohol and caffeine and more.

Recipes of the week



Meat / Fish Main Meal

Meat/Fish Main Meal

Vegetarian Main Meal

Vegetarian Main Meal



Warm-up and cool down after every workout you complete. Check you're fit to do these exercises with your GP if you have any injuries, medical conditions, or concerns that may prevent you from exercising.


Fat Burner

Get ready to be put through you through paces for 15 minutes with this fast-paced workout. No equipment is necessary.


Six-minute ab burn

Do this anytime anywhere to set your abs on fire and work up a quick sweat. No equipment is necessary.


Core & arm workout

It’s time for an upper-body burn! This workout will get your arms and core working together for 20 minutes. If you don't have dumbbells, use two heavy water bottles or other weighted objects that are easy to grip onto.

Sleep & Meditation

Morning Body Scan

Beginner's breathwork

Here we will go through a breathwork session that helps you to understand how it works and how to practice it simply.

A calming rainy day

Listen to the soothing sounds of rain as you fall asleep.