Stress management is key to a successful weight management journey. Why? Because ineffective stress management and/or an increase of stress can increase your desire for highly palatable foods and increase weight gain around your abdomen.

So, be sure check out this next module - MANAGING STRESS.

Recipes of the week



Meat / Fish Main Meal

Meat/Fish Main Meal

Vegetarian Main Meal

Vegetarian Main Meal



​​Warm-up and cool down after every workout you complete. Check you're fit to do these exercises with your GP if you have any injuries, medical conditions, or concerns that may prevent you from exercising.


Fat Burner

This workout is short but super high intensity. It’s designed to get you sweating and panting so you can raise your heart rate and burn more calories! No equipment is necessary.


Six-minute ab burn

Do this anytime anywhere to set your abs on fire and work up a quick sweat. No equipment is necessary.


Lower body workout

Never skip leg day. In this session, you'll be put through your paces and get those legs burning. Dumbbells are included. If you don't have dumbbells, use two heavy water bottles or other weighted objects that are easy to grip onto.

Sleep & Meditation

Morning Body Scan

Enhancing creativity

Use this meditation to unlock any creative blocks and reconnect with the creative side of yourself.

Peaceful sleep with gratitude

In this session, we are going to be drifting off with gratitude.