"I received a letter inviting me for a free NHS healthcheck from Essex Wellbeing Service.

I wasn’t too fussed to be honest - I have always considered myself fairly healthy, and since retiring, have been very active. My wife asked me to get checked as I have started running again after a 20 year break.

I couldn’t get booked through my GP as they said they were too busy, so I e-mailed Essex Wellbeing Service partly out of frustration.

I received a response the next day, offering me either an appointment the next week within 10 miles from home, or if I preferred at the next local mobile clinic in my town."



"I took the appointment, which was confirmed back straight away, even though it was a Sunday.

The actual appointment took about 30 minutes, and was really fuss free. The nurse was really friendly, and even though my results were pretty good, with nothing to worry about, she had some really good tips on small changes I could make to my diet and exercise regime to help with lowering my cholesterol and improving my mobility for sports.

All in all it was a great idea to get booked up, and more importantly my wife is reassured that my health is in good shape going forwards."

Thank you Barry for sharing your experience with us!

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