Our minds are creatures of habit, so the more you think negatively about yourself, others and various situations the more often you’ll do it by default. For that very reason, make a conscious effort to notice the positives in everyday life. 

Practice gratitude first thing in the morning

Everybody needs happiness to get them through the day. If you want a cheesy visualisation, think about yourself as a car on route to a good day, positivity is your petrol. You’re likely to get there a lot faster if your tank is filled at the beginning of the day. 

So, as soon as you wake up take a moment to look around you and be grateful. Whether that means gratitude for your four walls, your comfy pyjamas, your friends and family, your health - or whatever else makes you feel good about yourself. 

Celebrate your success in the evening

It’s so easy to let the days become mundane providing an unhelpful smokescreen to your success. This is why it’s vital to celebrate every win to allow every day to have some magic in it. 

Before heading off to sleep think about the successes of your day - whether that means you made a nice meal, did a workout or had a laugh with some friends. 

Don’t set such high standards for what constitutes a good day

A good day doesn’t have to mean getting a promotion, winning the lottery, and buying a big beautiful house. 

Whilst all these things would constitute a good day for most people, you should base your good on your own merit and take joy in the little things. 

This could mean you challenged yourself, you had a good conversation with a loved one, you completed a task you’ve been putting off for a while or you had a dance in your kitchen. 

Every day has something great hidden inside, just make more of an effort to look. 

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