Dance yourself fit and healthy!

Of all the performing arts, dance is the one that has emerged as the most therapeutic when it comes to staving off the mental and physical effects of old age.

Four ways dancing can help:

  1. Improves flexibility. Dance classes feel less like exercise and more like fun, so people often find they're happy to keep going.
  2. Provides a form of aerobic exercise that can be adapted to suit any level of ability, so it's easier to be more active. 
  3. Improves balance, strength, gait, posture and reaction time which helps to keep us steadier on our feet.
  4. Improves mental wellbeing, as well as physical fitness. The social nature of dance classes can also help those feeling isolated or lonely.

There are lots of classes across the UK where can go to show off your moves, including at many local Age UKs. 

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