How boxing helped Ronnie move forward

Our Child and Family Lifestyle Service isn’t just about helping kids and families to eat better!  Our Lifestyle Coaches go to amazing lengths to find the right support and activities to build confidence and open opportunities for Essex children and their families.

This is Ronnie’s story and he’s happy to tell you just what a difference our service has made to him. Ronnie’s was a familiar story – played a lot of Xbox, always had a lift to school and with a bike in need of repair wasn’t out cycling with his friends.  His BMI was too high at 21.64 and he needed to exercise more and wanted a new hobby.

EWS Coach Dawn Webster introduced Ronnie to boxing.  He hasn’t looked back!

What Ronnie told us

“I feel like I’m in better shape and feel a lot better about my weight.  I barely go on my Xbox now and now go out with my friends.”

“I play sports at school like rugby (I am in the first team at school and train every day) before and sometimes after school. I also like javelin. I feel I have more strength”

Ronnie has taken up so many sports and continues with his private drumming lessons half an hour a week – and joined the school Excellence Programme.

And Mum is delighted too!

“After the first session boxing, Ronnie had already made his mind up about what healthy choice he would be choosing for breakfast”

Dawn takes up the story “Ronnie declined his lift to school on his first day and has refused every day since. Now taking the 35 minutes’ walk to and from school instead (even though mum must drive past the school to drop the younger siblings nearby).”

Mum can physically see the change in Ronnie “I think it’s helped him in all aspects of his health; physically and mentally.  You can see Ronnie has had a great workout Boxing Coach Damian is great with the kids and Ronnie really looks forward to coming!”

Increased confidence

Mum also told us that she feels Ronnie holds his head up higher now and notices his confidence has grown.  She is very happy with his progress and although Ronnie was hoping his BMI would reduce more Ronnie is very happy with himself. 

Mum is rightly super proud!

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