Stress is commonly described as the body’s reaction to feeling pressured or threatened. It’s a common emotion that can be negative if it frequently occurs, but it can also be helpful in motivating us to achieve personal or professional goals. Either way, this stress awareness day, we want you to remember five important things...

Be kind to yourself

It’s normal to experience stress but there are things you can do to lessen the impact. Remind yourself that there’s only so much you can do, you’re only human and what will be, will be. A lot of stress is inflicted from ourselves, so making the simple effort to be a little kinder to yourself can do wonders for your mood.

Learn from past experiences

Stress doesn’t tend to occur just once in your life. With that in mind, think about the last time you were stressed. Were the heightened emotions worth it in the end? What could you have done to cope better that you’ll implement this time? As the cliche says, learning from your past will shape your future. 

Interrupt yourself

The symptoms of stress are quite obvious. These include headaches, heart palpitations, muscle tension, concentration issues, frequent worrying, being irritable, over or under eating, and more. When you notice the signs, stop yourself, take some deep breaths, and attempt to put your stress into perspective. 

Be aware of your actions

Stress can have a direct impact on your decision-making. Recognising when you’re feeling stressed and halting important decisions is beneficial to your life in many aspects. For instance, you should avoid driving anywhere whilst you’re in a state of stress to protect yourself and others around you. Mentally, you should also avoid making irrational decisions or engaging in emotional conversations when stressed, as you’re unlikely to be in the right headspace.

Know that there’s help out there

If you’re completely overwhelmed by your stress, understand that you don’t have to fight it alone and there is help out there. Our Live Well, Link Well service has the ability to connect you to the support you need and deserve. 

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