We’re almost certain that you’ve read enough about the importance of going for a walk, calling a friend or trying hard to make connections online. And we’re sure that by now you know the things you can busy yourself with and whether or not you’re going to take up crocheting. But in case nobody has told you yet, we want to let you know the following… 

It’s normal to feel tired even though you’re not doing anything

It’s important to remember that the mind and the body are incredibly connected. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, your sleep is likely to be affected which then has an impact on your energy levels. And during a time of such disarray, that’s not going to be uncommon. So, please don’t be so hard on yourself.

You’re not alone with your emotions 

If you’re wondering if it’s normal to be feeling angry at the world’s events, frustrated that you’re not doing anything and even guilty for feeling low when your situation is better than others - the answer is yes. As you’ve probably heard one too many times, the events are unprecedented. So your feelings are likely to match this. 

It’s okay if these emotions aren’t the same as those around you

The difficulty with this pandemic is that we are all experiencing it at the same time.  As individuals, we react to situations in completely different ways. This is where communication and being unapologetic are key. Explain to those around you how you’re feeling today, what may have triggered this and how they can support you best. 

It’s so important not to put your own coping mechanisms onto others. For instance, some people feel better supported through a solutions-led approach whereas others may just want affection. It’s crucial to let people know how you want to be supported and ask others how you can best support them. 

There’s nothing weak about asking for help 

The stigma attached to mental health is diminishing but it is still there. You need to know that asking for help is the most proactive, brave and sensible thing to do. And you don’t have to be at your very worst before you get help. Think of yourself as a leaking pipe, you’re better off addressing the leak instead of dealing with a flood. 

You don’t have to adhere to any lockdown norms

Banana bread baking, home workouts, renovating your house - there are all excellent accomplishments, but they’re really not essential. Success is personal, and if for you that means finishing a book or getting out of the house for a walk - then you should be equally proud. Make a promise to yourself to stop adding pressure to feel, look or be a certain way - you are already enough. 

As per usual we will be here to support you with the following tasks:

  • Food Shopping
  • Collecting / Delivering Medicines
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Lifestyle Advice
  • Transportation (for essential purposes) 
  • Dog Walking
  • Supporting a Carer
  • Being a Facebook Friend
  • Being a Phone Friend
  • Safeguarding doorstep check

If you need guidance or help with anything during this time you can register for support here.

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