Introducing AmaraHealth™

Using the AmaraHealth™ app, you can track all areas of your health and wellbeing.  And if you're already on one of our programmes the good news is you can keep up to date with appointments and receive notifications from your practitioner!

The App tracks Weight. Sleep. Physical activity. Mood. Smoking. Alcohol. Drugs. Food. Water. So you and your practitioner can set specific goals and track as much or as little of your health data as you want to.

You can also connect to Apple Health and Android Health and your wearables (FitBit with Apple Watch coming soon) - making tracking even easier.

amara 3 screen image

In App articles, videos and courses

AmaraHealth™ experts produce original and evidence-based content that is updated frequently and available in many formats.

From videos to long and short-form articles, the App provides all the content you need to create and maintain a life of health and happiness.

And motivational nudge messaging provides consistent support to keep you motivated.

Essex Wellbeing Service clients will have also be able to access specialist courses, videos, and support.

AmaraHealth App is an ORCHA certified App also available in the NHS App Library.