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We know the last year has been very difficult, and our Working Well programme would like to support your organisation and employee health and wellbeing as we move out of Covid restrictions.  To help us shape that offer, please take a  minute to complete our confidential survey. 

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Our Working Well team are offering, in partnership with other local partners, a free health and wellbeing programme for your organisations to support your staff with their health and wellbeing issues, that when not being addressed can have a negative impact on things such as sickness rates and productivity. Research has shown, for example, that poor mental health cost UK Employers up to £45 Billion a year and that for every £1 spent by employers on mental health intervention they get £5 back in reduce absence and staff turnover (Deloitte January 2020)

The support we offer to Essex organisations has a broad range of training and intervention for mental health in the organisation. See our tailored support for every size of organisation in Essex.

Working Well Accreditation

Your organisation can apply for one of the 3 levels of the award, which recognises your commitment to staff health and wellbeing.  The Award is backed by Essex County Council and if placed on your website or email signature strip, tells everyone that your organisation is a good place to work, where staff feel valued and can flourish.

It’s tough right now, and we recognise this, so to help you, we have set up regular online COVID Recovery Clinics with our HR Specialist, so you can ask questions or get additional help and support.

Participating organisations can also apply for the Working Well Accreditation Award, which demonstrates value and long term commitment to staff health and wellbeing. The programme has been updated to meet the requirements of the COVID Recovery and we now offer all our training and activities online.

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Signing up couldn’t be easier:
1. Partnership agreement
2. Workplace and staff Needs Assessment survey
3. Workplace health champion eLearning modules
4. Online annual planning meeting (to help you set up your programme, publicity and events)
5. Regular meetings
6  WW Accreditation

Support during Covid-19

Working Well works with local partners to help you support your staff across a range of lifestyle choices.  During COVID-19 we have adapted our offer so it can be delivered safely online.  We have launched our new online WHC (Workplace Health Champion) training as three eLearning modules.  All participants receive a Certificate of attendance for the L2 standard training.  Our Workplace Lifestyle Practitioners will keep in contact with you with regular meetings and emails.

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