Lincoln's Story

Our lifestyle services help children look at all aspects of their life, to shift to a healthier balance. One 14 year old in the lifestyle programme wanted to reduce his BMI, feel healthier and increase his physical activity. And we helped him do just that!

At the beginning of the programme, Lincoln was gaming for up to 8 hours a day. His starting BMI was over 46 and his physical activity was limited to a short walk to school each day, plus one hour of football and one session of school PE a week.

Lincoln’s confidence and body image was suffering, and he was experiencing significant impacts from his narcolepsy, including daytime sleepiness and intense sugar cravings. Narcolepsy is a rare long-term brain condition which causes people to suddenly fall asleep at inappropriate times.

EWS Coach Dawn Webster worked with Lincoln and his family to help him increase his exercise and change his diet. After talking to Lincoln about his interests and friendships, Dawn suggested that he sign up to a local gym as part of a free pilot.

Lincoln’s view

“During the programme, I could feel that I was getting stronger. Family members started noticing a change in my shape. Now, I don’t get out of breath so quickly, and I feel I have more energy.” At the end of the programme, Lincoln’s BMI was just under 44 - a drop of almost 3 on the BMI scale!

“I used to wear waist 48” trousers and now I wear a 42”. I have more energy and don’t suffer so many impacts from my narcolepsy, like sleepiness, and I can manage my sugar cravings better.”

“I think we’ve changed my mindset to wanting to increase my physical activity. I really enjoy going to the gym and it’s something I want to do forever.”

Not just trips to the gym

Lincoln has enjoyed becoming a regular at the gym, but that’s not all he’s changed about his lifestyle. He used to have an irregular high-sugar breakfast, double helpings of school dinners and junk food snacks in between.

He now has porridge or Weetabix and chooses to pack a measured-out portion of homemade pasta for school lunches. He has also shifted to snacking on fruit if he’s hungry between meals and has a treat snack of under 100 calories each day. The programme has helped him become much more aware of nutrition and the impacts of his choices, which he’s elected to take more control over.


Dad is really proud

“He spends more time at the gym” and he’s definitely determined to make changes to his lifestyle. “Lincoln takes more time to prepare his meals, eats more veg and eats smaller portions.”

Dad feels like he’s been successful with each aim from the beginning of the programme - reducing his gaming time, increasing his physical activity and improving his diet.

Since starting the programme, Lincoln has boosted his self-esteem, and he has more interest in his appearance and in taking care of himself.

Dawn’s work with Lincoln “has had such a wonderful impact on him. I am delighted and proud of his achievements.”

Most importantly, Lincoln is proud of himself

At the end of the programme, when asked “are you going to keep this up?” Lincoln gave the best endorsement of his efforts.

“Dawn, this is my lifestyle now,” said with the biggest smile!