In England 1 in 4 deaths which is 1 death every 4 minutes are caused by Cardiovascular disease (CVD). Unfortunately, CVD is more common amongst men, older people, people with a severe mental illness and among South Asian or African Caribbean communities.

CVD conditions are preventable.  And the good news that the NHS Health Check has been proven to detect people identified at risk of CVD.  NHS Health Checks have a crucian role in both reducing your risk and in detecting CVD.  Strokes and heart attacks could be prevented

Know your numbers?

Knowing your blood pressure numbers can help beat CVD.  In the UK high blood pressure already costs the NHS over £2.1 billion every year through the heart disease, heart attacks and strikes it causes. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a home monitoring device then this is a great way to keeping on top of your blood pressure numbers. Check out this great video from charity Blood Pressure UK:

Lowering your cholesterol

Over half of UK adults have raised cholesterol which can lead to heart disease.  We all need cholesterol in our blood to stay healthy, but it’s when it gets too high that it’s a problem.  High cholesterol can lead to health problems in the future and the only way to know you have it is to get a cholesterol test.

Cholesterol is a blood fat which plays a vital role in how all of our cells work. It’s also needed for digestion, to make Vitamin D and to make hormones which keep your bones strong.

Anyone can have high cholesterol even if you’re young, slim and otherwise healthy.

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