Exercising in the morning is a great way to kickstart your metabolism, generate some energy and get some endorphins - the happy chemical - pumping around your body. All in all, it sets you up for a great day! But what exercises should you be doing? Allow us to inspire you… 


Getting outside benefits your mind by connecting with nature. Coupled alongside running, you’re simultaneously building stronger bones, keeping your blood pressure low and improving your overall cardiovascular health. If you’d rather run on a treadmill, that works great too!


Stretching out your body through yoga and/or pilates can induce a sense of calm, relieve muscle tension, and increase mobility. Specifically, we’d recommend the balancing table pose which has been shown to benefit the spine, balance, memory and concentration. Here’s a quick demo here


Another great exercise to get yourself outside in the fresh air. But beyond that, cycling has numerous benefits such as promoting weight loss, strengthening your immune system, building muscle, improving lung health and improving mental wellbeing. 

Star Jumps

A simple exercise but excellent for increasing your heart rate and getting your blood pumping! Star Jumps are also great for your cardiovascular health, aerobic capacity, toning muscles and strengthening your heart.


There’s a good reason why skipping is so embedded into a boxers workout routine - it helps them to improve their footwork and move at pace. But boxing aside, skipping is also great for improving your heart rate and blood pressure, boosting your immune system, balancing your metabolism, and improving your overall health. 

All in all, we always advise trying a range of exercises to see what most benefits your own mind and body. And most importantly, make sure it’s something that you can easily embed into your routine so that you can keep up with it. 

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