We all know eating healthy is important for both our minds and our bodies. But healthy food is often associated with high cost - but it doesn’t need to be that way! Here are our top tips to help you…

1. Plan your meals 

It’s easy to trail the supermarket just picking up whatever you fancy but not only can this drive up the cost, but you could be missing out on adding those vital vegetables and vitamins to your meals too. 

Write a strict shopping list where you plan a balanced diet from the get-go. The meal-based shopping list should also note where you can make your meals go further by using leftovers and ensuring fresh foods are not wasted.

2.  Make use of frozen produce

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you always have to eat fresh. Frozen fruits, berries and vegetables are usually just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts (but look out for added salt), for a fraction of the price.

They are also available all year round and are often sold in large bags, allowing for longer-term use.

3. Shop around

Marketing exists for a reason - it helps products to become more eye-catching to shoppers. So, try your best not to become fixated by the shiny labels and attractive branding. Instead, look at the variety of products on offer which is likely to be cheaper than the heavily branded ones.

4. Cook with pulses

Pulses are a very underrated kitchen ingredient! Pulses such as beans, lentils and peas, are some of the cheapest foods on the supermarket shelf.

Their other benefits include:

  • Low in calories and fat.
  • Packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Count towards your 5 a day.

They can also be used as a meat replacement or as an addition to recipes, such as a Chilli con Carne with kidney beans or a chicken curry with chickpeas.

5. Experiment with new recipes

“What’s for dinner?” is an age-old question that is too often answered with the exact same meals. Get creative and search for ‘cheap recipes’ and try something new, whilst staying on budget. As a starting point, check out Change4Life’s healthy recipes for some inspiration.

If you need more help and support with healthy eating, take a look at our Healthy Eating page or get in contact below.

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